岸本良平 / Piano,Keyboard
2015年北インド古典音楽奏者Gumiとの共作アルバム「just so」をリリース
京都祇園の老舗ナイトクラブ「Selected Repos」のハウスピアニストを勤め、国内外の様々なミュージシャンと共演している。ヤマハポピュラーミュージックスクールピアノ科講師

Kishimoto Ryohei / Piano, keyboard
Ritsumeikan University Political Science Degree
Ryohei Kishimoto began learning classical piano at age seven. He was first introduced to Jazz at Ritsumeikan University through the university Jazz club, studying under the guidance of Mr. Osamu Ichikawa and Mr. Fuji Sada Yasushi. He began performing in numerous events on and off campus before organizing shows throughout the Kansai area, playing regularly at restaurants and weddings. Upon graduation, he gained various commissions as accompaniment for several artists including, Kisako, Kazusa, Unlimited Tone, Pascale Elia, Chality Rockheart, and Jaye Nicole. For the past two years he has established himself as the house pianist at “Selected Repos,” a prestigious Jazz Club in Kyoto hosting international musicians. Earlier this year he co-released the album Just So, with classical Indian musician, Gumi. He is currently working on music production using synthesizers and plans to collaborate with musicians on a global scale.